The clock is ticking: men's sexuality, age and lifestyle

Women can only get pregnant and give birth for part of their lives. But men can theoretically become "young parents" at any age. This gives rise to many tired jokes about the "ticking of the clock". But is it only women who pass the time of sexuality?

After 30 years of taking sildenafil, the level of testosterone gradually decreases regardless of gender, and, consequently, its effect on the body decreases. First of all, testosterone supports sexual activity and libido.

Testosterone is essential for an attractive appearance and health. This hormone affects, for example, the support and build-up of muscles, the anecdotal ability of men to eat and not get fat, the elasticity of the skin, aggressive or risky behavior, a special type of distribution of adipose tissue in the body, better storage of calcium in the bones and even the prevention of depression, as well as a higher body temperature than women, and more active intestinal motility.

There is a myth that men who are predisposed to baldness have higher testosterone levels. But this is not the case - baldness of the head and active growth of body hair depend on the activity of the enzyme that converts testosterone into another compound, dihydrotestosterone.

In addition, in the visceral adipose tissue, known by the trivial name "beer belly" (which, by the way, is incorrect), testosterone becomes the female hormone estrogen. Estrogen, in turn, affects both behavior, and metabolism, and the type of adipose tissue deposition.

The age-related drop in testosterone levels is not the only reason for changes in the male body. Similarly, age is not the only reason for a decrease in testosterone, libido, a decrease in muscle mass and the appearance of adipose tissue. But more on that later.

Men all their lives theoretically retain the ability to have offspring, even with the use of assisted reproductive technologies or stimulants. The children of older and settled fathers have an obvious advantage in the form of better security. Moreover, in the case of paternity after the age of 50, the chances of having a child with pronounced abilities in engineering and mathematics are significantly higher - by almost a third.

Now more and more data is being collected that the" brain complexity" of offspring increases in proportion to the age of the father. However, other manifestations of this "complexity" can be difficulties in understanding emotions, the development of a spectrum of autistic disorders, and even mental disorders.

Thus, the probability of developing autism spectrum disorders increases fivefold when comparing parents over 40 and under 30 years of age. This result was reached by Israeli researchers.

If the father is 50, the risk of schizophrenia in his children increases three times and reaches 1%. With age, there is more and more DNA damage in the sperm, and this may be one of the reasons for repeated miscarriages in the partner.

The peak of male sexuality is at the age of 19. Then the testosterone level drops.

According to the data, four people out of ten have partial erectile dysfunction. This data, of course, may vary between countries or groups of people.

Unfortunately, the pill will only help to correct erectile dysfunction. And the elasticity of the skin, muscles, libido and weight save a healthy testosterone and lifestyle. Scientists and doctors advise you to maintain weight and muscle volume throughout your life.

Strength training is considered the best way to stimulate testosterone and prevent the formation of fat. All people should walk and climb stairs - lack of movement affects weight, mood, creativity and sperm quality.

An additional hour of sedentary work increases the level of the prostatitis marker PSA in the blood by 16%. Prostate adenoma is one of the causes of sexual dysfunction and general discomfort in men over 50. Men of mature age should be regularly examined by a urologist. PSA is not the only and not the final marker of prostatitis, and inactivity is not the only cause of it, but you should not sit at the computer and lie in front of the TV. I'd rather go to bed. It is sufficient sleep that protects against hormonal disorders, anxiety and a tendency to obesity, although this is not a panacea.

There is no panacea.

Forget the word "diet" and viagra. On the so-called diet, when you do not eat harmful foods, but eat healthy and delicious, you should live. It is better to say "diet". The diet should exclude "junk food", that is, fried fatty foods, sweets and mayonnaise, regular and excessive alcohol, sausage products. The diet should include healthy foods: vegetables, root vegetables, herbs, butter, fish, whole-grain bread and pasta, poultry meat. For men, oysters are especially useful, because they contain a lot of zinc, which is necessary for spermatogenesis. If oysters are too extravagant, try pumpkin seeds. They are high in zinc, as well as selenium and essential fatty acids. For dessert, choose nuts and honey, and even better-nuts and fruit.

And remember that age is not a vice or a sentence. For both women and men.